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Advantages of Second Person Point of View

Writing a book is one of the fantastic activities. This is because you have the chance to explore your ideas as well as making them known to your readers. Besides the written work is the easiest way to reach the enlightened members of the public and you know that your work will receive criticism or appreciation from people who are well informed. With this knowledge, writers will always feel encouraged to publish one book after another. But then how do you come up with a book that will not only be interesting but one that will also attract a multitude of readers? One way of ensuring that you write an exciting book is choosing the right point of view. Generally, most writers have been writing in the first and third person, but very few forget the second person perspective. As such, one of the ways you can ensure that your book is unique is choosing the second person perspective. If you have not considered writing a book in the second person point of view then here are the reasons why your next book should be in the second person perspective.

First the second person pronouns 'you' and 'your' directly refer to your readers and will undoubtedly trigger them into action. If you particularly blend the second person perspective with simple present tense, you allow your readers to perceive the story as their own. This will not only enable you to eliminate the author's experience but also make it possible to drive a personal sense of action in the reader's mind which will propel them to act with urgency. Be sure to view website to know more!

Second, when you choose the second person perspective, you have a golden opportunity to design your book as a direct letter to the readers.You will not only create a personal relationship with them but will provoke them into responding to your work immediately probably by writing back critiques. This will facilitate the feedback on your work, and you will know how far your book is receiving readership. Be sure to go here to know more!

Third,second person perspective is the easiest way to be unique and surprise your readers.This perspective is not common and when you write your book in it your work will stand out among other works in the same genre, and this is what will contribute to its publicity. After all, readers are always looking for something different and written in the most unconventional way. Get into some more facts about writing, visit

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